our services

We see things the way they need to be seen. Where vision builds, works and trains.


We have the capability to master develop from concept to sales/lease-up


Our services and system companies provide trade services for all 16 CSI Divisions


To train those in affected development zones is part of our mission

Ternion process

phase 1

Project - Market Assessment / Project start-up / Initial orientation and planning / Project/marketing research and assessment / Consideration of Joint Venture Proposals / Completion of Interim Report

phase 2

Financial feasibility and business plan / Infrastructure requirements / Operational requirements / Financial feasibility and financing / Business plan / Implementation strategy / Reporting / On-going assistance

phase 3

The project / We help you become your own contractor

About us & our Priorities

Ternion Group International is a Christian Faith based company. Ternion was founded by Lenel Hopkins Jr who in early 2007 envisioned the first plans to create a global Christian operated construction company. Five years later, Ternion mn, LLC was founded, with the intent of redistributing profits from its operations into the kingdom of God.

Ever since the inception, Ternion has endeavored to provide help for everyday people who have the heart for service and a burning desire to see their community flourish. Ternion's primary focus is Development, creating Jobs and Training the people of the community within the transformed area. We know it takes the heart of the community to thrive.


Ternion's mission is to empower and equip Kingdom minded individuals (Member Hubs) with the structure and support they need in order to develop, create lasting jobs, and train local people in their community.